Loading priority

Environment variables loading order from .env and from .rkd

Legend: Top is most important, the variables loaded on higher level are not overridden by lower level

  1. Operating system environment
  2. Current working directory .env file
  3. .env files from directories defined in RKD_PATH

Environment variables loading order in YAML syntax

Legend: Top - is most important

  1. Operating system environment
  2. .env file
  3. Per-task “environment” section
  4. Per-task “env_file” imports
  5. Global “environment” section
  6. Global “env_file” imports

Order of loading of makefile files in same .rkd directory

Legend: Lower has higher priority (next is appending changes to previous)

  1. *.py
  2. *.yaml
  3. *.yml

Paths and inheritance

RKD by default search for .rkd directory in current execution directory - ./.rkd.

The search order is following (from lower to higher load priority):

  1. RKD’s internals (we provide a standard tasks like :tasks, :init, :sh, :exec and more)
  2. /usr/lib/rkd
  3. User’s home ~/.rkd
  4. Current directory ./.rkd

Custom path defined via environment variable

RKD_PATH allows to define multiple paths that would be considered in priority.

export RKD_PATH="/some/path:/some/other/path:/home/user/riotkit/.rkd-second"

How the makefiles are loaded?

Each makefile is loaded in order, next makefile can override tasks of previous. That’s why we at first load internals, then your tasks.

Tasks execution

Tasks are executed one-by-one as they are specified in commandline or in TaskAlias declaration (commandline arguments).

rkd :task-1 :task-2 :task-3
  1. task-1
  2. task-2
  3. task-3

A –keep-going can be specified after given task eg. :task-2 –keep-going, to ignore a single task failure and in consequence allow to go to the next task regardless of result.