Global environment variables

Global switches designed to customize RKD per project. Put environment variables into your .env file, so you will no have to prepend them in the commandline every time.

Read also about Environment variables loading order from .env and from .rkd


Allows to show only selected groups in the “:tasks” list. All tasks from hidden groups are still callable.


RKD_WHITELIST_GROUPS=:rkd, rkd :tasks
RKD_WHITELIST_GROUPS=:rkd rkd :tasks


Alias group names, so it can be shorter, or even group names could be not typed at all.

Notice: :tasks will rename a group with a first defined alias for this group


RKD_ALIAS_GROUPS=":rkd->:r" rkd :tasks :r:create-structure
RKD_ALIAS_GROUPS=":rkd->" rkd :tasks :create-structure


Allows to toggle (true/false) the UI - messages like “Executing task X” or “Task finished”, leaving only tasks stdout, stderr and logs.


Logs output of each executed task, when set to “true”.

Example structure of logs:

# ls .rkd/logs/2020-06-11/11\:06\:02.068556/
task-1-init.log  task-2-harbor_service_list.log